As a developer, your main option for contributing to and extending the Vuforia Spatial Toolbox with new functionality is using the add-on system. Add-ons let you build your choice of five different types of capabilities. Anyone who installs your add-on on their edge server will gain the those capabilities.

The five types of content that an add-on can contain are:

  1. Spatial Tools – for new AR content
  2. Hardware Interfaces – to connect to new external systems
  3. Spatial Nodes – for new ways of processing data in space
  4. Spatial Blocks – for new logical operators in the programming system
  5. Content Scripts - an advanced feature for new scripts to be injected into your app

Add-ons get stored in the addons directory of the vuforia-spatial-edge-server. Each directory within addons will be loaded as a separate add-on.

By default, each server should have the vuforia-spatial-core-addon installed, which provides all of the default tools, interfaces, nodes, and blocks necessary for the basic functionality of the system. If you want to build your own add-on, look at the core-addon for examples.

Each add-on needs a specific structure for the content of each type to be loaded. An add-on with every type of content (1–5, above) should have these folders at the top level:


An add-on doesn’t need to have all types of content. For example, you can create an add-on just to add new tools to the system, without adding interfaces, nodes, blocks, or scripts. In that case, the top level of your add-on would only have a tools directory.

The rest of the Develop section will walk you through the concepts and APIs for creating each of these kinds of content in an add-on.

We suggest following these in order, but if you’re only interested in developing a specific type of add-on, you can jump to the corresponding section, where we have tutorials and API documentation for each type of content:

  1. Spatial Tools
  2. Hardware Interfaces
  3. Spatial Nodes
  4. Spatial Blocks

There aren’t any tutorials on creating content_scripts yet – if you’re curious about them, please reach out on the forum.