Philips Hue Interface

To connect to your local Philips Hue lights, first follow the server setup instructions in the Vuforia Spatial Edge Server Getting Started guide. Next, clone or download the vuforia-spatial-basic-interfaces-addon into your server’s addons directory. Restart the server so it can learn about the new add-on.

Once restarted, navigate to http://localhost:8080 to configure your new Philips Hue interface. Click “Manage Hardware Interfaces” then click the switch next to “philipsHue” to enable it. Now click the gear to watch the configuration of the interface. Press the pairing button on your Hue Hub to allow the interface to automatically configure. If successful, the configuration page will update with a list of your local lights. Your server’s console may contain log messages explaining any problems encountered during the pairing process.

At this point you’re good to go. The interface has created blank objects for each Philips Hue light that you can now give Vuforia markers to view and control them using the Spatial Toolbox. For more information on this part of the process, check out the object creation guide