Connect to the Physical World

If you’re just testing the Spatial Toolbox app on your device, you don’t need to run any additional servers or software. If, however, you want AR content to “stick” to images or objects in the physical world, or if you want to program physical machines with these AR tools, you need to run a Vuforia Spatial Edge Server from a computer in your network.

Install Edge Server

If you are an experienced Node.js developer and want to get started immediately, follow the instructions under “Quick Start for Developers.” Otherwise, scroll onwards to find more in-depth documentation for your platform of choice.

Quick Start for Developers

## Clone the edge server
git clone

## Clone the core add-on
mkdir addons
cd addons
git clone

## Install the dependencies in core-addon and server
cd addons/vuforia-spatial-core-addon; npm install
cd ../../; npm install

## Run
node index.js

To learn how to configure this server, read the Web Interface Manager instructions.


Follow the platform specific install instructions.


An in-depth walkthrough is coming soon. The Mac instructions are mostly applicable if you want to use GitHub Desktop and Powershell. Alternatively, check out the quick start for developers above.


An in-depth walkthrough is coming soon. Until then, you can follow the quick start for developers above in your terminal of choice.