Hello! Here at the Reality Lab team we’re experimenting with ways to highlight new and upcoming changes to the Spatial Toolbox platform. This blog is one space where we’ll provide an overview of any exciting news. Every Friday when we have work to showcase we’ll have a post like this. Please look forwards to it!


Android Pre-Alpha

We’ve started development on an Android port of the Spatial Toolbox app! There’s still a ton of testing to be done but if you want to try it out for yourself check out this link: Initial Pre-Alpha Release

iOS 14 Update

We’ve updated the iOS Spatial Toolbox app to support iOS 14. Make sure you’ve updated to Spatial Toolbox version 1.2.4 if you’re on the new iOS update.


3d Content Performance and Display Improvements

Right now our team is heads-down improving the performance and display of high-complexity 3d content. This will enable you to build complex 3d tools without having to worry as much about polygon budgets or positioning.

Stay tuned for more updates on the development of the Spatial Toolbox! Please drop by our Forum if you have any questions about our current platform or suggestions for where we should go next.